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Barbara Duffek

5th year Marketing PhD Candidate

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In my research, I explore the cooperation between different stakeholders in influencer marketing, with the goal of better understanding how influencers can be effectively leveraged (e.g., in terms of their authenticity; revising for 3rd round resubmission at the Journal of Marketing).


I also study transgressions, focusing on when and why customers turn toxic against brands and how managers can mitigate this behavior. I investigate rumination as a core mental process behind toxic behaviour, and in my job market paper, study how the vengefulness of negative reviews can be reduced through refocusing rumination (invited for revision at the Journal of Marketing).

In my research, I apply a broad set of techniques, including interviews, field and lab experiments, and econometric analysis on observational data. I thus consider myself a multi-method researcher for whom questions precede methods.


Manuscripts Under Review & Selected Working Papers

Barbara Duffek, Andreas B. Eisingerich, Omar Merlo and Guan Aik Lee

“How Can Brands Work with Influencers to Create Authentic Branded Content?”

Status: revising for 3rd round resubmission, Journal of Marketing

Barbara Duffek, Omar Merlo, Wayne Hoyer and Andreas B. Eisingerich

“The Deflation Effect: How to Go from Vengeful to Helpful Customer Reviews?”

Status: revise & resubmit at the Journal of Marketing

Barbara Duffek, Andreas B. Eisingerich and Omar Merlo

“Why so Toxic? A Framework for Exploring Customer Toxicity”

Status: published at AMS Review

Astvansh, Vivek*, Barbara Duffek* and Andreas B. Eisingerich*

“How Can Companies Recover from Liability-Invoking Failures? Exploring the Role of Uncertainty Avoidance in Facilitating Consumer Compliance Across National Cultures,”

Status: published at the Journal of International Marketing

*equal authorship. Authors listed in alphabetical order.

Teaching Experience

CM521 British & European Marketing Strategy
MK467 Global Marketing Management
CM744 British Media in the Digital Age 
LM Advertising and Marketing Seminars 
Data-Driven Marketing (London Campus)
Teaching Assistant on various programmes:

Global MBA, Executive MBA 

MSc Strategic Marketing (on-campus and online)
MSc Business Analytics (on-campus and online)


I am a passionate educator who believes in the power of active learning and student-centred approaches that prioritize collaborative problem-solving, class discussions, and real-world application of concepts.


So far, I have been teaching various modules across marketing strategy, analytics, and consumer behavior––and at all levels, namely to under- and postgraduates (at Imperial College Business School, ESCP London, and in the Boston University’s Study Abroad Program) as well as to MBAs and EMBAs (Imperial College Business School). The opportunity to teach students across three different schools has enabled me to listen to and appreciate the varied perspectives and experiences students have, while striving for inclusion in my classroom, and beyond.


At Imperial College London, I was fortunate enough to have been nominated for the Teaching Excellence Award in two consecutive years (2022, 2023).

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